City of Lubbock Surplus Property Disposition

The City of Lubbock frequently sells surplus vehicles and equipment as they become available through replacements. The City of Lubbock vehicles and equipment are sold on-line, in open competitive auctions, and are always open to the public.

Through the online auctions, vendors and those interested in becoming a “bidder” are able to register online. Bidders send payments directly to the auction contacts. Each website requires a deposit to become a registered bidder. Please note the detailed instructions found on the designated websites listed below.

Auctions involving light duty vehicles, including Crown Victoria’s, pickups, utility body trucks, and trailers are currently held 3-4 times per year. Heavy duty equipment, including solid waste trucks, front end loaders, and backhoes are currently held 2-3 times per year. There are no set dates for vehicle and equipment auctions. Auctions are held as needed.

All online auctions will include an inspection day- a day designated to allow bidders to inspect vehicles and equipment to be auctioned. This day is scheduled during the last week of the auction. On inspection day, bidders are encouraged to come to the auction lot as many times as needed to view the auction items. All vehicles are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and with all faults. The City of Lubbock provides no warranty or refunds on surplus items sold through auctions.

If there are questions regarding City of Lubbock Fleet auctions, please contact:

The following links are to the on-line auction websites currently used by the City of Lubbock Fleet Department:

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